Choose The Type Of Mutual Funds That Suits You

Investment in mutual fund is one of the most preferable options for various reasons. The foremost reason is professionalism. You may receive lot of noise when you are buying other assets mentioned at the start of this article however they may not bring professional advice. In case of investment in mutual fund, investors are provided with the services of an experienced fund manager who handles the financial decisions based on the performance and prospects available in the market to achieve the objectives of the mutual fund scheme, the advice backed by a dedicated research team. Above all, mutual funds are required to register with SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) which bring transparency and regulation in investment decisions. There are different types of funds available and investor can choose the best one as per his/her financial goals.

Types of mutual funds

Mutual funds are a one-stop shop for all your investment needs. Needs can range from wanting to purchase a car in the next one or two years or saving towards your child’s future education in the next 10 years or saving up for your retirement, or saving tax on your regular income. Investors ideally look for diversification, low costs, ease and flexibility of withdrawal, better tax efficiency etc. Investors can achieve all their short term and long term financial goals through the following types of Mutual Funds.

1 Equity funds: One of the most popular types of mutual fund are equity funds, where the fund manager invests in equity markets. Though it seems like a simple job, it is challenging and difficult. When to buy and sell shares is the most difficult decision which is based on the fund manager’s knowledge and experience.

2 Liquid / Debt funds: Liquid funds are an integral part of the fixed income or debt investments plan, primarily investing your money in money market instruments like certificate of deposits, treasury bills, commercial paper and term deposits having maturity of up to 91 days. The lower maturity period of these underlying assets makes them liquid, which means they can be easily converted to cash at a short notice, with minimal risk on capital loss. Liquid funds are one of the most suitable investment options for investors who prefer liquidity (immediate availability of cash) over returns. While, return on investment is always an important factor, liquidity takes priority in the case of liquid funds. These instruments are not subject to interest rate volatility as against other debt funds with longer maturity periods. However, this does not entirely mean that they are immune to interest rate risks.

3 Fund of Funds: According to Investopedia, a Fund of Funds (FOF) – also referred to as a multi-manager investment – is an investment strategy in which a fund invests in other types of funds. This strategy invests in a portfolio that contains different underlying assets instead of investing directly in bonds, stocks and other types of securities. The versatility offered by this fund is akin to a cricketer who is an all-rounder and is able to bat anywhere in the order. A Fund of Funds helps ease risk to a large extent by distributing investment across different funds. A Fund of Funds lowers the risk level of investments by investing fund in different kind of mutual funds. The taxation treatment of the fund is admittedly less than ideal. Broadly, equity and debt are the two major areas of investments in the mutual fund industry and both of them are taxed differently. All equity funds are in one tax bracket and all non-equity funds are in another tax bracket. Surprisingly, an equity fund of funds even one which has equity funds as a part of its portfolio – is taxed as a non-equity fund!

4 Gold Funds: If you are thinking of making an investment in gold, then Gold ETF is the best option. Gold is also valuable as a bulwark against a falling currency. By investing in a gold fund, a retail or institutional investor can gain exposure to this asset without the hassle of taking delivery of physical gold assets, which is often required in the commodities market. Above all, gold has the highest liquidity after cash in hand.

As discussed in our earlier article, entry and exit from your investments should not depend on the market level. You can start investing in the market at any time and have patience till the time your financial goal is achieved. You need to spend time on selection of the right fund which will be based on your financial goal. Markets will remain volatile however there is no reason to worry if you are a long term investor.

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Age wise Financial Education for Children

When do we exactly introduce our kids to financial education? Is it when we let them keep the money they get from relatives? Or when they first plan to go out with their friends for dinner all by themselves?

It’s actually much before. The time they ask (cry…scream…yell) for a toy and we as parents have to then incentivize them to getting you do something more exciting for them. Also when they want to waste their food and we tell them it’s bought from the hard earned money and we shouldn’t waste. These small habits inculcate values since their childhood.

Ages 3 to 5

So, this is the time for you to first accept the fact that it’s about time for your child to get introduced to money matters. While this is the age where they are all cute and adorable, it is also the age when they understand the concept of “buying” and “money”. We need money to buy things, and we have to work to get money. This just becomes easy if you add some fun factor to this activity. Make a deal with them. They have to earn happy points with good behavior to get that big burger or that Disney princess dress. It could be 100 points for burger and 500 points for princess dress.

Money could be used to help them learn count.

Ages 6 to 12

They are already going to primary or secondary school. They need allowances. Their demands get bigger during this phase. Things around them will influence their choices too. The outrageous amount of pressure schools today put on parents to be ‘socially’ competitive to this will have its impact on the child as well. They might want branded clothes and expensive stationary. Make sure you take sensible decisions in their growing years by letting them understand the value of money.

Games like monopoly can make your task easy. Encourage such games and play with them.

This is a perfect time to open a bank account in your child’s name. Their own bank account will motivate them to save money.

Make them live a simple lifestyle. Remember success starts from humble beginnings. This will help them as adults, to manage their money better. Save more.

Ages 13 to 18

Teens!! This is the age where parents are either friends or foes for their kids. They are new to the world of fashion and gadgets and these are their best friends now. With such fancy hobbies, come significantly higher expenses. In order to make them financially wise, involve them when your family talks about finances. Ask them for their views.

At this age they are already preparing for their higher education. Discuss the finances with them. Explain cost of college fees, student loans and credit cards etc. This will bring awareness and make them financially vigilant.

This doesn’t end here. Going forward when they get their first pay cheque, a good investment advice from you will help them generate wealth for long term, even better, forever. Remember the quote – Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime, the man here is your CHILD.

Remember, starting early always helps, be it for investing or even educating your children about investing.

Why Large Family Floater Health Plans are always Better than Individual Top-Up Plans

Some buyers prefer to go with an individual top-up plan, whereas others stick with a family-floater health plan. However, the latter has an edge over the former in many ways.

Want to know how? Read on to learn more about it in detail.

Why does investing in a family floater health plan constitute a better investment option than an individual top-up plan?

An individual top-up plan only covers the health and hospitalization needs of a specific individual. On the other hand, a large family floater health plan meets the requirements of an entire family.

No doubt, an individual top-up plan seems good on paper as it is less expensive. However, it may not be a feasible option if you have a large family. In such a case, you would need to invest in a separate plan for each member, which may put your finances under strain.

You would be better off investing in a single plan that covers the needs of all the members of your family. A family floater health plan packs this benefit in a single package.

A single individual may not use up the entire sum insured. However, this situation may not arise if it is shared among the members of a large family. This will become clear if you consider the example below.

If you buy an individual top-up plan worth 10 Lakhs, then you will need to use up the whole benefit on your own. If the sum insured is for four members of a family, then there can be two possibilities. Either one of the family members can use the whole sum insured or share it among the family members.

But that’s not all; it also benefits you in several other ways compared to an individual health top-up plan.

A family floater health plan comes with a higher sum insured in comparison to an individual health plan. This is because the former is meant for more beneficiaries than the latter.

A health insurance plan revolves around the needs of many members of a family. As such, it comes at a lower premium than the sum total of several individual top-up plans.

Final thoughts

Both individual top-up health insurance and family floater health insurance plans are beneficial in different ways. The latter turns out to be more favorable if you have a large family with several members. Any member of a family can either use the entire sum insured or share it with other beneficiaries. As such, it serves the needs of everyone in a family without making it necessary to subscribe to individual plans for all members.

3 Important Traits Every Online Doctor Consultation Service Should Have

The online world has created a wealth of resources for consumers to enjoy, ranging from pure entertainment value through to valuable and useful advice that can make a big difference to people’s quality of life. Those resources have extended into the medical arena and see more people flock to the web every day to look for medical guidance and information on common ailments and illnesses. Online Doctor Consultation Services have also taken off because of the confidential and anonymous nature of the engagement, which helps many people to get over their embarrassment and sensitivity about personal medical issues.

Online Doctor Consultation Services also offer a much more convenient facility than any other medical institution, because patients do not need to leave the comfort of their own home for a diagnosis. If you are contemplating making the switch from your favorite family doctor to someone in the virtual space these are the traits that you should be on the look-out for.

Make Sure It’s Secure And Private

One of the biggest driving forces behind using the net for medical assistance is the security aspect. You need to know that the website you go to help for, will not abuse or disclose any of the personal information you share to a third party. Most sites will collect technical or non-personal information for their own market research purposes, but your personal details should be protected. If you would like to know more about the kind of information a particular site is collecting about you, you should read their Privacy Policy and check.

US Licensed Doctors

Your health is vulnerable and even more so when you are ill. You need to make sure you select an Online Doctor Consultation Service that only works with medical professionals who are accredited in the United States. You need to know that whoever you are paying for a service has the qualifications and experience to support it. Furthermore, you should be able to read a fair amount about the doctor you intend to consult with to make sure he or she is specialized in your area of need.

Online Prescriptions

Another one of the big advantages of Online Doctor Consultations is that you can get an online prescription quickly and efficiently and collect your prescribed medication at a pharmacy in your locale. This makes your life so much more convenient. It means no waiting around while you are feeling at your worst. The only way to test it is to try it, and a good Online Doctor Consultation website will offer you all of the features above in a professional manner.